Childrens Eye Exams

​​​​​​​Regular eye exams are important for children since their eyes can change significantly in as little as a year as the muscles and tissue development. Good eyesight is critical for a child’s life and achievements since success in school is closely tied to eye health.

School demands intense visual involvement, including reading, writing, and using computers. In addition to basic visual acuity (distance and near vision), an eye exam may assess the following visual skills that are required for learning and mobility: binocular vision: how the eyes work together as a team, focusing, color vision, and tracking. The doctor will also examine the area around the eye and inside the eye to check
for any eye diseases or health conditions.

If the eye doctor does determine that your child has a vision problem, they may discuss a number of therapeutic options such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, an eye patch, or myopia management, depending on the condition. Since some conditions are much easier to treat when they are caught early while the eyes are still developing, it is important to diagnose any eye and vision issues as early as possible.

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